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Team Lead / Manager / Senior Software Engineer

Current! I'll flesh this out in the future.

Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer

I was the CTO of FlashRecruit, which was acquired by Talent Inc.

At Talent Inc., I'm working on integrated the FlashRecruit tech (job ingestion, chat system, recruiter dashboard, and potentially more) into the Talent Inc. system.

Contractor for Software and Organizational Development

I offer the following services on a contract basis:

Software Development:

Organizational Development:

Project Management:


Recruiting: Defined roles, sourced candidates, developed interview process, interviewed candidates, hired, and let people go as needed. See process details.

Project Management: Defined project management process for the team. Lead most projects. Tracked progress. Broke tasks down to the smallest, deployable, valuable thing. Sponsored others in leading projects.

Software Development: Implemented many systems, such as scheduled tasks, delayed jobs, job-candidate matching, large-scale emailing across multiple email campaigns, chat, apply, job ingestion, candidate ingestion, click tracking, event management, and reporting.

Leadership: Owned technical vision. Aligned with business vision. Grew and down-scaled the team as necessary, even though it was painful.

Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer

Architecture Guild: Helped form and contribute to a group of people from across the organization to standardize our architectural decisions. The initial work was focused on documenting what we had. Then we started working towards shifting some of our existing decisions to more consistent tools that matched current and desired skill sets, hiring markets, and optimal use cases.

Roles and Responsibilities: Drove an effort to document current roles and their responsibilities as well as career development levels and guidance.

Community Engagement: Facilitated the Chicago Ember.js meetup events in the office. Helped coordinate sending 7 people to EmberConf and share our experiences when come back. Ran Lunch & Learn events where we watched instructional videos (like an EmberMap series) and discussed them in the context of our own work.

Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer

Working on an Ember-based internal framework team with a focus on enabling other teams to build accessible web applications. This team ships an Ember addon that's a collection of web accessible Ember components.

Accessibility: Built, tested, and fixed web accessible components that conform to the legal requirements and web standards. Worked with screen readers such as NVDA to ensure a good screen reading experience.

Community Building: Working to improve communication to client teams about the status of their defects, what we're working on, what we plan to work on, and what we've done. Building a community mindset around the core addon that emulates large open source projects, such as Ember itself.

Team Processes: Improving team development processes by relying on a strong Retrospective process to drive the rest of the change the team wants to do. Changes are very problem focused--what's the real issue we're trying to solve, what possible options are there to solve that problem, what are the pros/cons of each, and after we've chosen one, how do we know if it was successful.

Technical Lead / Senior Software Engineer

Worked to standardize project processes, code quality standards, and the performance review process.

Promoted learning and career development in the dev team through pairing, code review, and other feedback.

Developed a web scraping system in Node.js and a standardized cache layer using rails-api.

Worked on the primary API (rails), brand dashboard (rails), and creator dashboard (ember). Refactored related code as I went along to balance systemic improvements with shipping features.

Lead major effort (as tech lead and project manager) to decouple the existing system from one social network in order to generalize it across an arbitrary number of them.

Software Engineer

UI Engineering: formed and lead the UI Engineering team responsible for standardizing web application development; created a standard ember-cli blueprint for app development; paired with teams to ramp them up on Ember and help with initial Ember versions of their app.

Engineering Voice: formed and lead a group of engineers who wanted to participate and own our own Engineering voice; this included group ownership and operation of the Groupon Engineering Blog, @GrouponEng, Conference Sponsorships, Meetup Organization, Public Speaking, and Open Source.

Community: Assumed ownership of Geekfest; helped it grow to an average of 80 attendees every single week; worked on and released an Anti-harassment Policy for our public events.

Testium: wrote a new test library called Testium for sync tests written in Node.js: based on mocha, selenium, and custom sync node WebDriver bindings; used by 40+ internal teams on 75+ projects.

Splitting the Monolith: worked on core team that built out a Node.js infrastructure to support all product teams moving off of Ruby on Rails; 40+ teams with 75+ applications.

Design Sprints: lead several Design Sprints in an effort to put intentional design into applications that were not afforded a designer.

Open Source: promoted use of, contribution to, and release of open source projects; reviewed internal projects for open sourcing; helped build to showcase our commitment to open source.

Promoting Personal Growth: developed and implemented many different processes that promoted and improved personal growth of engineers: a buddy program, mentoring other engineers, access, safari books online access.

Training: created and ran internal training courses across offices on various topics: coffeescript, promises/streams, javascript, node.js, ember.js.

Recruiting: performed tech, pair, and phone screen interviews for many candidates; worked with tech recruiting to improve processes.

Software Engineer

Internal Development

Client Development

Contractor for Software Development

I created a platform that streams data from network sockets on remote machines, compiles the data into a data structure, and provides visualizations of that data (with HighCharts) to a web browser in real time (over

The data was stock information sent back from high-frequency trading systems at stock exchanges.

Support Engineer


Web Software Engineer


Web Software Engineer



Part-time during high school and college; full-time during summers.


Software Development Internship



B.S. Computer Science

Sean's Resume / CV