Announcing: Open Source Hangout

A brand new podcast about developing and working with Open Source software!

Meetups are Hard Work

If you've never really thought about it before, you may think that running a meetup group is pretty easy. You find a speaker on Twitter, tell your employer that you are using the meeting room on some day, order pizza, and you are done!

It's just not that easy.

The War of Sem-Ver

In a previous post, I recommended following the official semver standard. I, however, don't always follow my own advice. I decided to dig into the spec, it's usage (especially in the Node.js community), and the recent change of npm install --save to use ^ (caret ranges) instead of ~ (tilde ranges) in order to better educate myself on this issue. This article is a summary of my findings.

Automatic Validation of Dependencies

The amazing Node Security Project is attempting to audit all node modules for security issues. There is a new endpoint available that allows you to submit your `npm-shrinkwrap.json` file and receive a list of security advisories for all modules in your dependency tree.

[Crosspost] NodeUp: a team groupon show

I was on NodeUp with Daniel Shaw, Sean McCullough, and Adam Geitgey talking about Groupon's move to Node.js. This was my first podcast appearance, which was pretty exciting. We talked about several things, but my focus was promoting testium!

[Crosspost] I-Tier: Testium

Crosspost from the Groupon Engineering blog! Testium is a new integration testing tool that allows you to write integration tests in JavaScript, Mocha, and with a sync API. Best of all, it's now open source!

Help npm Keep the Lights On

npm single-handedly enables Node.js module distribution and consumption. Without it, we would be lost. Help keep the lights on by donating to the project!

Announcing: facile.js 1.0.0

I felt that the "logicless" template engines had too much logic. In my desire to purge all logic from templates, I created one of the few truly logicless templates.

Announcing: bond 1.0.0

When switching from jasmine to mocha, I found myself missing jasmine spies. bond is my reproduction of jasmine spies (with a few enhancements) in a package that can be used with any testing framework.

Jarvis: An Entry for Node Knockout 2013!

Another year, another Node Knockout! Come check out our entry, Jarvis!