Announcing: Open Source Hangout

A brand new podcast about developing and working with Open Source software!

pilot episode

The pilot episode will be on July 16th at 9pm central time. The primary topic of discussion will be likely be Ideal Package Management for Browsers. The always amazing Trek will be the cohost for this episode!

It will be streamed live via Google Hangouts On Air. Check the event page for full details!

show format

The show will run weekly, Wednesday nights at 9pm central time. You can chat during the show on #opensourcehangout.

The show will have a host (me!) and a cohost that may change per week. We plan to spotlight interesting pull requests, blog posts, announcements, and/or other news.

There will always be a primary topic related to developing open source software. However, unlike traditional podcasts, we’ll try to invite the community to participate in the discussion!


If you want to be a part of the discussion, we need to invite you when the event starts. Comment on the event page saying that you would like to particiapte. Google Hangouts has a cap of 10 participants. If we have more than that, we’ll probably do first-come first-served.

There is no cap on the number of viewers! When the show goes live, anyone can watch the live stream. Check the event page for more info.