Automatic Validation of Dependencies

The amazing Node Security Project is attempting to audit all node modules for security issues. There is a new endpoint available that allows you to submit your `npm-shrinkwrap.json` file and receive a list of security advisories for all modules in your dependency tree.

You can wire this up to a build or release process, providing some comfort that you are not using known bad versions of specific node modules. Below is a simple coffeescript file to do just that:

# this file assumes it exists one level deep in your project
# in ./scripts/, for example
request = require 'request'

url = ''
postData = require "#{__dirname}/../npm-shrinkwrap.json"
options =
  url: url
  json: true
  body: postData options, (error, response, data) ->
  if error?
    console.error error
    process.exit 1

  if data.length == 0
    process.exit 0

  console.log 'Security Advisories Detected!'
  console.log data
  process.exit 2

When you execute this, your project’s npm-shrinkwrap.json file is sent to for validation. The response is a JSON array of applicable security advisories. If it’s empty, you are in the clear! If it’s not, this script will output all advisories for you to deal with.

The API is subject to change. If you have any issues, please report them on the repo!