Jarvis: An Entry for Node Knockout 2013!

Another year, another Node Knockout! Come check out our entry, Jarvis!

This year, I didn’t get an idea and team together until very late in the process, despite my own advice against that. It took me quite a long time to come up with an idea that could (1) be done in 48 hours and (2) showcases Node.js in some way.


We eventually decided to build a tool that I’ve wanted to exist for some time. The goal is to have a single place that allows you to consume any type of content. That includes RSS feeds, youtube/vimeo videos, podcasts, images, articles, and whatever else you can find on the internet.

If every site implemented RSS in such a way that I could subscribe to the strict subset of content I want, this tool would not be necessary. Sadly, RSS is often ignored or implemented globally for a site, paying no mind to categories of content.

Jarvis lets you work around that issue. Take a look at the pitch video.

The backend work is done by a Node.js work queue system, which is pretty cool.

Jarvis is also open source! We need to do some post-hackathon code cleanup, then we’ll be ready to fix a few things, and add some features!

The biggest things for the near future are:

  • code cleanup
    • data model for sources and items
    • split into a daemon for processing and a web UI for viewing feeds
  • auto-download videos when running locally
  • don’t re-add things that were removed
  • twitter favorites should auto parse
  • dex integration
  • ability to view and remove sources

Let me know what you’d like to see below!